Tuesday, May 17, 2011


For anyone that lives in the Northwest and loves to RAWK, you should check out TOTALFEST!


Totalfest occurs in Missoula, MT and is on it's 10th year.  Over the years I have seen many amazing bands and performances at this festival hailing from all over the country.  Oneida, The Lights, Unnatural Helpers, Last of the Juanitas, Fireballs of Freedom, Lana Rebel, the list goes on and on....  

The festival is always loads of fun with organized river floats, hiking around mountains and valleys near Missoula, rad BBQs, the record swap, and a plethora of great bands.

This year it's happening August 18 - 20, and SAM HUMANS & THE LIGHT is playing!


Sam Humans is a long time friend and collaborator of mine, and along with Papi Fimbres on drums and moi on bass, we will bring the LIGHT!  We're definitely more on the pop side of the spectrum for this festival, but considering the history of the festival, it's quite the honor for us to play.  Over the years, Sam and I have participated in the festival in at least 3 different bands, plus my long time friend Josh Vanek is the juggernaut behind the fest.  Check out his label Wantage!


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