Thursday, May 19, 2011


If you like beer and live in Portland, you have no excuse for not visiting the Horsebrass Pub on SE Belmont.

With over 50 different beers to choose from, about 30 of which are constantly rotating, many a night have been spent drinking up these suds.  They offer 20 oz imperial pints (whoa), and, what I fondly call, "the little guy", the half pint version.  I'll often work with these "little guys", so that I am able to try more beers without getting completely trashed.  Usually, I'll work my way through whatever IPAs, Kolsch, Sours, and other Belgian style beers they have, but last night I stuck with the amazing circuit of IPAs HB was offering.  Or as I'll refer to it as... THE TRIFECTA!

I started with a pint of Russian River's Bling Pig IPA.

Light Malt, bitter hoppiness, some fruitiness, citrus, but none of this is overpowering.  Overall a nicely balanced very drinkable IPA, but... I do feel Russian River's Pliny the Elder is a much more interesting beer. 

Next I had a "little guy" of PDX's local hero, Hair of the Dog's Blue Dot Double IPA.  A much different IPA than the former.

I'm not sure if you can tell from this photo, but this beer is almost murky.  It's cloudy and has sort of a peach golden hue to it.  This is good, this is definitely one of my top 5 beers.  Notes of honey, apricots, citrus, and flowers give this beer a hefty blast of aroma.  Hoppy bitterness and grassy notes balance nicely with the fruitiness of it.  It's thick, and I ended up having two "little guys", because it's so good.

In between the two LGs of Blue Dot, I had an LG of Walking Man IPA.  Walking Man Brewing Co. is out of Stevenson, WA along the Columbia Gorge.  This is a very drinkable IPA, a nicely balanced hoppy, fruity, malty IPA. 


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