Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bring on the horror. It's Halloween!

For connoisseur's of the macabre, October is a month for celebrations.  Costume parties, scary stories, bonfires, haunted houses, haunted corn mazes, and horror movie marathons are always plentiful during the month leading to the festival of Samhein.  Here are my recommendations of scary stuff to do during this week, and my pics for movie rentals.  I'll update this next week with a new batch of fun things to scare yourself with.

Shaun Of the Dead
Academy Theater
9:40 PM, nightly
Haunted Corn Maze
Sauvies Island
-Awesome, scary corn maze!  Wanna get chased through a corn maze by zombies, you might find a shack to hide in, but watch out for the dude with the chainsaw hiding in there too!  Go at night, and get ready to scream!  7 PM - 10 PM, reservations are recommended!
 The Blob, 1988
Laurelhurst Theater
9:50 PM, nightly

DVD - Highly recommend Trick R' Treat (2007) for Halloween viewing.  It gives a satirical nod to horror movies and Halloween urban legends, yet remains scary, gory, and oh so ghoulish.  Done in a similar style as classic's Creepshow and the original Tales from the Crypt.  Check it:

Friday, October 14, 2011


This year's garden harvest was pretty amazing!

34 bulbs of garlic, 1 elephant weighing in at 13 oz
8 lbs Tomatillos
28 lbs Tomatoes (Black Prince, Sweet Olive, Sugar Lump, Yellow Pear, Brandywine, Anais Noire, Roma)
4 lbs Potatoes
1 lb 3 oz Carrots
3 lb Onion
6 oz Peas
10 lb 3 oz Cucumbers
17 lb 8 oz Zucchini
6 lb 3 oz Summer Squash
6 lb Butternut Squash
15 lb Asian Pears
2 lb Strawberries
5 lb Centennial Hops
Unlimited Rhubarb, Chard, Kale, Arugula, Radicchio, Basil,  & Rosemary.
Average egg production - 15 eggs per week.

So far lots of pickling, freezing of tomatoes, tomatillos, and hops.  I've made two batches of Fresh Hop Ale, one with 3 lbs of freshly picked Huckleberries from Mt. Saint Helens, also made Asian Pear wine, and we have feed ourselves through the summer and into the fall with limited reliance on having to purchase any produce from the MAN.  Invest in a garden, know your food suckas!