Tuesday, May 31, 2011


In the late 90's, I began using the moniker BURNT PLOSIVES for my creative projects.  This began as a small record label in Missoula, MT. with only two releases that came to fruition, but it become the name I used to produce experimental videos, installations, and performances after I moved to Portland.  Sometime in 2001 I began making experimental film & videos.  For the soundtracks / scores I began working with long time music collaborators Scott Sloan (...WORMS) & Sam Schauer (Dutch Flat, ...WORMS, SAM HUMANS).   

These films are a mixture of super 8 film I shot, found footage, then much of it was scratched, bleached, and colored.  All editing was done by hand, using an Elmo Super 8 Film Editor.  Here is one called WAR IS HELL.  Enjoy!

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