Sunday, May 29, 2011


Last night I went to see a dance performance my friend Loren Chasse scored.

The performance was good, although I feel the score was the best part; a mixture of natural recorded sounds (wind, waves, etc.), drone, improv on a variety of instruments, and who knows what else.  Loren created an amazing atmosphere with this score, so that the dance could open up into movements reacting to the sound, which helped define the movement and it's premise.  Loren and I got talking about his process, working with choreographer Jim McGinn and how their shared musical influences were few, but included King Crimson, among a few others.

King Crimson has existed from 1968 until the present in some form.  KC's releases spanning the late 60s up until the early 80s are all amazing.  This band was at the forefront of the prog rock / psychedelic movement of the 70s and heavily influenced the genre, that in the 90s became known as MATH ROCK.

Larks Tongue in Aspic!

Larks Tongue in Aspic II!

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