Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Ok, I'm very lucky to live within a 15 minute walk from Portland's Belmont Station.

This establishment is great, they claim over 1000 beers, hailing from all over the world.  Norwegian IPAs, Belgian sours, Mead, German beers, and beers from all over the country!  They also have a tap room with 17 always unique and always delicious beers to choose from.  My wife and I stopped by last night to sample a few.  They offer small for just a taste, a glass, or a pint, but you can also bring in a giant mason jar and they will fill it to take home.  Their current line up is very impressive, although upon our arrival they had just tapped the Pliny the Elder keg, DOH!  Portland's Bridgeport was there sharing samples of some of their beers, and we tried a few of those.

They are onto their second year of Stumptown Tart, a golden ale brewed with fruit. 

Last year it was made with cherries, and was tart, hence the name.  This year, was with strawberries, the flavor really comes through, though not really tart, but still good.  I enjoyed their Old Knucklehead, a strong ale with a rich caramel malt flavor, some fruitiness, and vinous streaks.  We also tried their Summer Squeeze, which was good, heavy on the lemongrass, with a bready finish.  We sampled a few others, but the finisher was Walking Man's Iron Man Double IPA, WHOA!  A very hoppy IPA that balances out nicely due to the addition of honey and agave.

More later!! 

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