Sunday, June 5, 2011


My wife and I hit a restaurant on Friday night we'd never been to.  The Grain & Gristle, the creation of three friends, one of which is the brewer of Upright Brewing, Alex Ganum.

So you can guarantee G&G has some amazing beer.  They carry a few of Upright's beers, which if you haven't tried, you definitely should.  This is definitely one of my top five breweries in the Pacific Northwest.  They also have about 8 other beers on tap from some of this region's best breweries.  They sell 4 oz, 12 oz, and 16 oz for $2, $3, & $4, CHEAP!  My favorite from the night was Upright's Quatro Jaune, which translates to "Four Yellow" in French.  A sour variation of Upright's #4, aged in a gin barrel with chrysanthemums.  A limited run of 65 bottles & 5 gallons on tap were made by the brewery as part of their Sole Composition series.  So stoked I got to sample. The food was also really amazing.  Nothing on the menu was over $10, and although the menu wasn't huge, great thought went into pairing the menu with what's on tap.  We had deviled eggs, grilled romaine salad, salt cod fritters, and mussel frites Belgian Style.  All of it was delicious, oh and cheap!  

Everything about this place was great!  Good atmosphere, good food & drink, all for cheap!

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