Saturday, June 11, 2011


Portland has become a mecca of food carts, Cartopia some call it.  Every neighborhood now has at least one, once vacant lot, that has been transformed into a food court, some have many of these pods scattered on every available corner / parking lot.  There are the gems out there, the ones where culinary wizards have decided to open a cart and the ones where world food masterpieces are brought to life, but there are a plethora of carts that just don't hit the mark.  Some fail, solely because of the quality of food ingredients.  Let's talk Mexican food carts for a minute.  I love a giant burrito, give me grilled veggies, give me carnitas, give me cheese, and I am happy, but with so many of these it is hard to tell which ones to eat at.  I have walked away from many o' cart holding my stomach with a gurgle gurgle "why did I eat that" and "where did that meat come from".  Yesterday, while I was wandering the streets of Mississippi I had a hankering for a burrito.  Tempted by the always good Por Que No, but not quite willing to wait in the line that filtered out of the little taco shop onto the sidewalk, I glanced across the street a pod of carts, one of which was Moctezumas Taqueria.  My hunger and need for a log of goodness out-weighed any hesitation I was feeling about quality of food, etc., and I ordered a Chicken Mole Burrito, I'm a gambler, what can I say.  It took about 15 minutes, which was understandable since it was only one dude and it was the lunch hour.  Said dude called, "my friend, it's ready".  With great urgency I took the bag from him, and sat down to dig in.  Presentation was nice, the mole was not too sweet, but perfect, and the meat quality was definitely good.  So stoked I could enjoy this burrito, without wondering what I just bit into or where the meat came from.  I'll be back for more.

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  1. NOW i'm having a burrito attack!!!wheres the damn cartopia in Eugene?