Sunday, June 26, 2011


So excited to hear the news that Archer's of Loaf have been doing some reunion shows and are re-releasing Icky Mettle with a ton of bonus material (Vs. Greatest of All Time EP, and other singles).

AOL (ha) were responsible for supplying me with many of my rock n roll anthems through high school and college.  I think the same goes for anyone who was into "indie" rock back in the 90s.  Superchunk, Sebadoh, Treepeople, Versus, and AOL.  Archers of Loaf were truly an amazing band to see, and they are playing PDX's MusicFest NW September 7th - 11th.  I remember in 1995 attending a show where they played with the Poster Children in Bozeman, MT. at the Filling Station.  They opened with Audio Whore, from the album Vs. The Greatest of All Time.  I came to the show from Missoula, MT. with a car load of friends.  I was 19 at the time, and back then many clubs in MT. allowed 18 and up to attend bar shows.  As AOL ripped across the stage, I remember fighting for my spot at the front, and the all too familiar circle mosh pit formed, I received many an elbow to the kidney that night, which resulted in a shoving match with the local Bozeman hicks.  "When they're here, they're ours!  Go back to Missoula you hippy!" A scraggle-bearded mouth breather slurred at me.  Well, I got news for you friendo, 16 years later, where ever they are, they will bring it and bring it to all who will rock.  If they hit your town, be sure you go see them, whether fist pumps of joy or elbows of angst, Archers of Loaf has returned!

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