Thursday, July 7, 2011


Portland's food & drink magazine, MIX, has published it's top 50 Summer Drinks for Portland!

The article covers coffee, smoothies, shakes, floats, sodas, beer, cocktails, and more!  So it's good for all ages!  I'm going to recommend 3 of the beers they cover that I've tried or am feeling a strong desire to.  I implore you to try these, or at least read up on PDX's MIX drink offerings to find your fix!

Wheat the People from Coalition Brewing: Feeling parched? Head to Coalition Brewing for a pint of Wheat the People, a classic golden pale ale with a touch of haze that drinks like a thirst-quencher, but with the depth and graininess of a beer that can be contemplated as easily as glugged. Low alcohol (4.4 percent ABV) and minimal hops complete the picture; this beer won't destroy any afternoons. Available at the brewery's small, neighborhood pub, across the street from its brewing facilities.
-- Lucy Burningham

Slora Rustica at Upright Brewing: Alex Ganum goes old school with the release of Slora Rustica, his summer seasonal beer. Brewed in a historic saison style, it's very light and dry with an appropriate amount of bitterness for a farmhouse beer. Made with yarrow flowers and calendula flowers that dominate the nose, its deep gold color gives it a romantic glow. Best of all? It's available in bottles at many bottle shops, making it a perfect choice for summer picnics and outdoor gatherings.
-- Kathleen Baue

Nightfall from Cascade Brewing: Banish the idea of stripped-down seasonal beers before sipping Cascade Brewing's Nightfall, a soured blond wheat beer that's aged solo in barrels before organic blackberries join for some hang time. The result? A complex, tart beer that's puckery and dry, with just enough essence-of-berry to make you feel like you're celebrating the season's bounty.
-- Lucy Burningham

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