Tuesday, August 9, 2011


My good friend and bandmate Sam Schauer makes various syth / light theremin / tone noise making devices out of old record players and transistor radios.  Check out THE INDUCTOR!

"Thee Inductor is a one of a kind hand made fully polyphonic analog synthesizer. Each of it's six keys actuates a sawtooth waveform whose tuning is set by the player. It also features 2 full range squarewave oscillators, 2 LFOs with rate/depth/shape controls, and 2 resonant filters. There is a tuner/aux out so it can be precisely tuned in silence. There is also an attenuated aux return. In practice, this means that the player can mix outboard effects (delay, phaser, etc) into the signal chain. Significantly, this signal returns before the filters, meaning that the aux input could also be used as a simple filter input for other instruments like drum machines or other keyboards."

WOW, sounds awesome, right?  Yes it does, and it does SOUND awesome!  Check out Sam's blog for more on Thee Inductor and pricing for having one of Sam's creations made for YOU!



  1. That is so awesome. I need to get me one.

  2. Matt, post some vids of this bad mamma-jamma in action, if you will...

  3. I can probably make that happen, give me a few days! Definitely got some sound clips coming soon, I think Sam will have those up on his blog in the near future!